Financial services can make us feel trapped in our own shell, making us too self-conscious to go out into the world.

This cold business ends up creating walls of shyness and insecurity that can intimidate even the biggest heart full of dreams.

The distance and lack of empathy in finance is spreading loneliness, making us feel like outsiders, disconnected from the world around us.

Could financial services see
us for who we truly are?

Could financial
services see us for
who we truly are?

  • Without prejudice? 
  • Without prejudice? 
  • Without prejudice? 

At BFF we are creating a more
genuine way to relate to finance.

Where people can experience the beauty and bliss of connection, imbued with the qualities of an authentic friendship. When thinking about financial services, we often ignore that using money is highly emotional, but most of what surrounds it lacks soul and warmth.

And what's worse, we blame ourselves for not understanding complex tools or the sometimes unintelligible terminology out there to use money.

We’re building bridges to enable people universal access to the six essential financial functions of Money (Earning, Saving, Moving, Lending/Borrowing, Investing/Raising and Insurance).

We firmly believe that equal access to these functions can profoundly change the trajectory of a human being. That a big chunk of human dignity begins when these functions are easily and equally accessible to all.

This is a new chapter for financial fairness and we are here to write it.