The BFF way

In BFF our focus goes beyond resolving generic financial problems for people. Instead, we aim to immerse the users that use our brands in an emotional journey that no one else can replicate.

Our framework is to see customers as the protagonists of our strategic narrative arc; as a team, we pursue the development of our main characters (users) by bringing to life stories that allow them to experience new emotions with finance.


We acknowledge that poverty in the world is composed of multiple gaps and we’ve decided to focus on the gap created by the inequality of access to financial functions.

We look for team members who feel it’s not okay to just let the world go to shit, and who believe they can play a role in making it better.


We want to be the ones in the spotlight giving humanity what it needs in order to thrive. We want the credit, and we’re willing to put in the work to earn it.

We look for team members who are ready to go to battle and take a beating once in a while to defend what we’re fighting for.


We recognize that profitable businesses are one of the strongest forces in the world, and we look to channel the force of business into the direction of our ideals.

We also look to make money for our own personal benefit. We recognize the value of living a wealthy life, so we pursue personal profit alongside our societal mission. We look for team members who are excited about fixing money as a path to making money.

Our aim

Our goal as project

Enable universal access to the six essential financial functions of Money.

We will only be satisfied when the country you were born in doesn’t stop you from having access to any of these essential functions. That’s a long way off, and we are determined to get there.

Moving Money

Earning Money

Saving Money

The six

essential financial


Lending/Borrowing Money


Investing/Raising Money

Our end goal as a business

We intend to serve every country we are legally allowed to and to offer equal access to the six essential financial functions to every person, business, and institution in each of those countries

We want to take over the world, in a good way. To get there, we must design business models that are profitable so we can re-invest that profit into further growth and scalability.

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